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About Me

I'm excited to tell you my story, my name is Menno Klaasse and I grew up in the Netherlands and was always fascinated at a young age by capturing people in front of my camera.

I finished the Royal Academy of Art at The Hague in The Netherlands.After that I started traveling to broaden my mind and horizons.


In 2010 I moved to Vancouver BC Canada and after joining the Headshot crew and getting coached personally by Peter Hurley from New York I started my Headshot Photography officially in 2020.


I have a passion for capturing real expression and authenticity in Headshots and always take my time with my clients so we get the best results.

I provide high-end professional headshot photography with a fast turnaround time and help our clients look their best, enhance their personal brand and give them a great photography experience that boosts confidence.

Menno Klaasse

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